Artists in Residence

WhiteSpaceBlackBox is a place that fosters dialogue, an exchange of ideas and innovation in the fields of society, contemporary visual arts, literature and science. It offers a truly extraordinary residency for internationally recognized artists. A creative FACTORY located in a unique and exclusive location on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland.


The one-month artist residency includes a collectors dinner at which the artists have an opportunity to share their thoughts and work with a selected audience followed by a final „private viewing“ of the works created during their residency.


Some of the recent artists in residence at WhiteSpaceBlackBox



It is a privilege to present our 3rd «artist in residence» Christian Achenbach, a painter and sculptor from Berlin. During his one-month stay at WhiteSpaceBlackBox he transformed our box in a kind of «salon» referring to the famous «salon des independants» of Paris, created in 1884. This salon was a starting point for various important tendencies in the art world. 

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Max Frisinger, Berlin Germany (Artist in Residence, March 2015)

Max Frisinger is a German sculptor who lives and works in Berlin. Max Frisinger picks up what other people throw away and binds it into sculptural cartographies of the location. During his one month stay as artist in residence at WhiteSpaceBlackBox in Neuchâtel he worked with „leftovers“, rejects and waste from regional industries and production sites. This „raw material“ was refined into sculptures, installations, illustrations portraying the performance and spirit of the companies taking part in this venture.

Joseph Tecson, Manila Philippines (Artist in Residence, October/November 2014)

The native Philippine painter Joseph Tecson was the first artist to participate in the „artist in residence“ program at WhiteSpaceBlackBox in Neuchâtel. During his one-month stay Joseph created 20 portraits of 20 personalities. All these portraits were exhibited, along with 20 portraits of „inmates“ he painted back in the Philippines.