What’s beyond the unknown Unknowns?

« N o t h i n g n e s s »

Nothing is not Nothing. 5 april – 4 october 2020. By appointment.

What after dreams were dreamt? Nothing?
What after climate collapsed? Nothing?
What‘s behind our galaxies? Nothing?
What‘s after death? Nothing?
What is better than more-and-more? Nothing?
What does time tell us? Nothing?
What is Nothing?

It is all about Nothingness – the 2020 topic
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«Nothingness». Powered by

Frank Bauer, Recklinghausen/DE
Loris Cecchini, Milano/IT
Vittorio Corsini, Firenze/IT
Stefan Gritsch, Lenzburg/CH
Luftwerk, Chicago/USA
Nandipha Mntambo, Johannesburg/ZA
Yves Netzhammer, Zürich/CH


Curated with love by Friederike Schmid.

Invitation (PDF)