WhiteSpaceBlackBox is a platform for exchanging out-of-the box thinking. By invitation only, a dozen handpicked personalities share a „table d’hôte“ to think the unthinkable and to find new answers to unanswered questions. It is a SENSOR and nodal point for a better future, an inspiring platform for discussing the important, yet unanswered questions of today. Major subjects to be treated are „CompleXellence“ and „Creativity“ within the framework of an exquisite program in which guests will be pampered with the best the kitchen and cellar have to offer.

>> Upcoming Exhibitions and Dialogues

Some recent examples of „table d’hôte-events“ at WhiteSpaceBlackBox


The Art of „CompleXellence“: Balancing speed, pressure and complexity

The parallels between musical and organizational identity and the art of leadership. Hosted by Miha Pogacnik, world renowned violinist and leadership expert.

Complexity and Time: Why we run out of time while we try to save it

Hosted by Karlheinz A. Geißler, time researcher and author, professor emeritus at Bundeswehr University Munich.

The Power of Failure: How smart leaders, teams and entrepreneurs put failure to work

An inspiring discussion anchored by John Danner, professor at the University of California Berkeley as well as at Princeton University

Water is the New Oil

Within the framework of the 2016 thematic focus, “Water is the New Oil”, WhiteSpaceBlackBox is organizing a series of events such as: Sturgeon in the Alps featuring Marcel Baillods CEO of the Tropic House in Frutigen as an example of sustainable and economical sensible use of Lötschberg water.