Imagine a place. In a unique setting. On a lakeshore. In the heart of Switzerland. A spectacular view. And a stunning piece of architecture. A white sheet of paper, ready for your inspirations. A place to work on the black box of today’s unanswered questions for a better tomorrow. It may be beyond your imagination, but it is real. It’s called WhiteSpaceBlackBox. It is a nodal point to think and change. It is a place to work. A think-lab. A top-level hideaway. A strategic retreat. It is also a place to create. A residency for internationally renowned artists. And it is a platform for exchanging out-of-the box thinking at unique table-d’hôte events.


WhiteSpaceBlackBox was initiated by Hans Rudolf Jost in 2014. He is an entrepreneur, a trusted adviser and sparring partner for top management and the author of several books. WhiteSpaceBlackBox is curated by Friederike Schmid. Our Ambassador for the Decision Camp is Eveline Weiss von Beust.