The WhiteSpaceBlackBox Art Collection & Friends

There are moments of silence. And of reflection. And of grateful harvest. These times between end and beginning. Inbetween. A wonderful opportunity of immersing into the art collection of WhiteSpaceBlackBox. Composed of artists’ works, accompanying us since 2014. Evolving from the reflections on our annual ThinkTank themes. The Oeuvre of national and international, young and renowned artists, put into new relationships with each other. Thus, arising new points of view and new aspects of discussion at WhiteSpaceBlackBox.

With works by: Christian Achenbach/Berlin (D), Martin Gremse/Goslar (D) & Bern (CH), Magdalena JetelovPrague (CZ) & Cologne (D), Shiva Khosravi/Teheran (IRN) & Geneva (CH), Costas Varotsos/Athens (GR). By Invitation only.